December 16, 2004

Yodelay Da-Hee

Easy Thursday. Just got ready for a job interview. I'm made up, wearing my new pink sweater, listening to the sound track of Oh Brother, Where Art Thou and looking at Jon lovingly every two minutes or so. I look very pretty. The interview is with an agency for a job as Assistant to VP of Marketing for an online education company. I think it's one of those fake jobs designed to bring you into an agency so they can humiliate you but I have something else good lined up for tomorrow so what can this hurt. Two hours of my life.
This morning, before our walk, I made a yummy for your tummy breakfast. Eggs in the nest or Maryjanes, toasted bagels with butter and lemon curd picked up in England and Turkey Polish Kilbassa.

Tonight we'll be eating the leftovers of last night's dinner. Sorry to those of you who wanted me to bring the leftovers to you for lunch today, but time didn't allow for it today.

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