December 08, 2004

The Castle at Edinburgh

I transferred our first 150 images to disk so I could take some more pictures today at the castle at Edinburgh. Our hotel is only a 10 minutes walk up a steep hill to the castle. The whole town is built on a series of steep hills. All the houses and buildings are built with the terrain in mind. Entrances on one street lead to exits on another street behind and above.

The castle was very pretty. Aside from having the usual castley things, it has a very special chapel devoted to the memory of St. Margaret. She is a former queen of Scotland who was known for her kindness to the sick, poor and infirmed. I guess that's why they made her a Saint.

We also spent some time in the National War Museum of Scotland, also located at the castle. AWESOME.

This is a very pretty and special place. Jon's off to see the history museum and I'm heading up for a nap. We started out pretty early this morning and I could use a nice nap after my nice cup of tea.

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