December 05, 2004


We travelled on 4 different modes of transportation over the course of four hours before we made it to our final destination. We are here. Everything was going very well until we went to transfer for the bus at the North Greenwich Station. Yes. We took a bus in the wrong direction. No. It wasn't that bad in that added only an hour to our travels but it was a long hour. Our host had a full and delicious dinner waiting for us when we got in and we stayed up until about 1:30 in the morning eating and catching up.

This morning, we kippers for breakfast. Then we rode the train to Central London where we rode the very impressive eye. At first I thought it was a pretty cheesy thing to do, being so touristy and all. But it's pretty amazing. An enormous ferris wheel that takes you way up into the air, provides amazing views and gives you a chance to map out your trip before starting out for the day.

We walked over to the National Gallery and spent an hour looking over their early Renaissance section. Incredible.

Then we went to get some curry and now we're taking a little break at an Internet Cafe before heading over to the Dog and Bell to host a pub quiz later tonight.

I'll try to upload pictures as soon as I can. Don't be deceived by the posted time of this entry. It's five hours ahead here.

Gotta' go.


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