December 18, 2004

Cure for Hubris

What is a good cure for hubris? Walking into a second interview expecting to be offered a job and then NOT GETTING IT. Yes. Yesterday, I made that huge error. I walked in expecting full well to be offered a job and then was interviewed for another hour and a half. I can call back on Wednesday. Mr. W keeps telling me to think on it. I said all sorts of things to assure him I wanted the job like "You sound like an interesting person and I'd like to work for you." or "Well, if you feel you need me, I'd be interested in working here." What I'm sure he meant by telling me that I need to think about it, is he needs to think about it. What do you think? Should I call back on Wednesday? Besides, he said, I wouldn't be starting right away anyway. It's the holidays.

When I walked away from him on the street after saying our goodbyes, I walked by a store with some frightening manakids.

Take this one for example. He looks like a little birdie waiting for his mother to drop regurgitated food into his mouth. Or like he has no bones in his face. Or like someone is about to beat him up for his lunch money. Or like someone just ripped out his tongue and he's still in shock. I was very disturbed when I saw this manaquin, that I didn't even notice what he was put there to sell. All I could see was that slack jaw and pair of frightened eyes. But he wasn't as scary as this next one.

This one is downright deranged. This mana"kid" looks like a snake unhinging its jaw in order to eats his pray. Or like he's laughing at me to distract me while something comes up from behind and eats me. Or like he thinks my outfit is so ridiculous that his laughter will shame me into coming into his store to buy something new to wear. Or like he's been driven mad because he learned the truth about Santa Claus. Or because he knew that I wasn't offered the job like I mistakenly thought.

Knowing that I was going to write about these characters, I took a wider shot to help you place these manaquins in the larger setting. See that creepier teenage manaquin in the back. Imagine a whole display of these creepy and mocking dolls. Standing together like that, they resemble a live action Twilight Zone nightmare sequence. They look like someone slapped them on the backs and froze the stupid looks they had on their faces, like their mothers warned.

Yes. It was strange to walk by these laughing figures as I walked out of that interview. Hopefully, I opened a large enough window for you to understand the weird things that go on in my head.

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