December 07, 2004

Tower of London and more

The pub quiz went great. We were a big hit. People applauded us when we were finished and complimented us as they went out the door.

Monday we visited the Tower of London which took hours and was endlessly interesting. The history of the royals is violent and fascinating. The Crown Jewels are gorgeous. Henry VIII's armor has an enormous codpiece which I photographed with and without a flash.

Last night we walked around Covent Garden, the Seven Dials and finished our trip out with some delicious Indian food, the best I've ever had. When we got back to our friend's house, some friends of his had already gathered to watch the finale of "I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here", featuring Huggy Bear and Paul Burrell, Princess Di's former butler. Fascintating. We've also been introduced to "LITTLE BRITAIN", the funniest show I've ever seen.

Today we travelled north to York where we spent the afternoon and then continued on to Edinburgh where I am writing this post.

Tomorrow we plan on seeing Edinburgh castle.

There are pictures to post for sure but I forgot my USB cable and figure out how to get them out of the camera.

Talk to you soon.


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