December 13, 2004

Sunday in Greenwich -The Cutty Sark

Sunday, Jon and I spent some time in Greenwich, near the meridian. The first site we visited was the Cutty Sark (see below). We also went to this charming open market because Sunday is Market day in Greenwich. Then we walked up to the Royal Observatory in Greenwich Park where we stood on the meridian. We saw where Haley did most of his work. We saw cool equipment and took photos of each other on either side of the line. Later that night, we went ice skating with some friends, also in Greenwich. We had drinks at Trafalgar pub which was full of Lord Nelson memorabilia. I did not try the ale named Lord Nelson's Blood. After our drinks we went skating at the Old Royal Naval College, although I did more wall grabbing than skating. Jon and our host Mark both impressed me with their skating, especially Jon who was actually quite good at it. The other people we met, Steve, Annie and Shonny were just lovely. They were such nice people. We had a very nice time. After skating, Jon, Mark and I went out for Indian food. Yummy. I've had some pretty amazing Indian food here, better than New York City even.

That was enough for one day. After that we pretty much called it quits and packed it in for the evening.

We got home pretty late.

cutty sark

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