December 22, 2004

Something to Blog About

These images are part of my photo essay on Christmas in Astoria.

This enormous blowup Santa can be found in the front courtyard of a building around the corner from our apartment. If you look in the background you can see the front door of the building. Isn't this an utterly ridiculous display. A giant Santa waving hello, sheesh!! They should have just put out pink flamingoes and be done with it all already.

Here is your typical array of drugstore Santas, complete with a stuffed reindeer and Santa bear. Perhaps the santas will pull the sleigh for the giant reindeer. There is nothing in this window that makes me want to go into this drugstore. Not even the Santa teddy.

This household has handed over the responsiblity of cleaning their porch to their plastic snowman. I guess this household was going for a more laid back look. I actually kind of like this one, especially the broom next to the snowman. I would like to think they did it on purpose, as some kind of joke, but it's most likely a coincidence.

And last but not least, this family has hired some wicker reindeer to keep the bad guys away. These guys are stationed right at the front door. You'd have to do some pretty fancy footwork to get by them without getting all tangled up. I think these weird white wired decorations are the ugliest decoration to come along in quite some time.

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