December 03, 2004

Lottie and Wally Darling


One of my favorite places in Madison Square Park is this bench near the Northeast entrance on to Madison Avenue. It's a bench dedicated to the memory of Lottie and Wally Darling. Every time I see it, I think about an elderly couple going out for their evening walk then sitting on this bench watching the sky turn colors at dusk; watching young people in love while thinking of their early years together; watching families strolling through the park on their way to a nice restaurant, thinking about the children they have raised and how proud they are of them.; watching a grandmother pushing a stroller, discussing memories of their college bound grandchildren. Together they watch people walking their dogs, sneaking kisses, looking at sculptures, begging for change, thinking all the while about how good life has been to them.

When I see this bench, I think about a lovely couple - well loved by their children and grandchildren; friends and neighbors - who lived a life so enriched and enriching to others that a bench was dedicated to their memory.

I find myself sitting here often, looking out on to what they must have looked out at while Lottie nestled her head into Wally's shoulder and he put his arm around her to pull her closer.

If you know anything about Lottie & Wally Darling please write to All my searches have produced nothing.

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