December 16, 2004


I surprised myself. The shephard's pie turned out pretty yummy.

First I boiled 5 medium red potatoes and 5 chopped carrots until soft and let them cool.

Then I sauteed 1/2 pound of chopmeat with 1 chopped medium onion and 2 diced tomatoes.

Once the sautee was soft and nice, I emptied everything into a bread pan. Then I mashed the carrots and created a mushy carrot layer on the meat mix. Then I added the mashed potatoes to top everything off. I placed the bread pan into a preheated oven which I turned down to 200 degrees so the pie could slow simmer.

It was done by 10-ish, when I enjoyed a piece before Jon came home.

For seasoning, I used salt, pepper and OLD BAY to taste.


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