December 30, 2004

The Day Before Tomorrow

Today was a good day. I went to bed at 10:30 last night and woke up headache free. I left the house to visit the bank and the NY Public Library. My intention was to do research but it was so nice out, I just couldn't sit still. Also, my research proved to be somewhat unproductive. On my way to the library I passed by one of those tourist traps/stores that have hideous, hideous artwork available to see to unsuspecting tourists, like this.

If you are the artist, my apologies and if you collect these my apologies to your loved ones. After shaking off the ill effects of seeing these hideous pieces, I continued on to the library. I waited for Jon to meet me, but while I waited I walked around and around. I shot these random shots.

Can you believe how green the ivy is? It's winter for crying out loud. Shouldn't it be all brown and dried out? Jon met up with me and we walked around the back to Bryant Park where booths were set for their fetes de Noel or Christmas Fair. We found it pretentious that the Christmas Fair was called a Fetes de Noel. We also thought it pretentious that the carousel organizers were playing Edith Piaf music instead of the typical caliope variety.
Anyway, here is a picture of my sweetie at Bryant Park.

And here is a cool picture of a sign on Sixth Avenue for a popular chain of hair salons.

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