June 24, 2004

Weighing in on Mary Kate

For those of you who dislike breaking up a set, you may want to stop reading now. The news in entertainment this week is the Mary Kate half of the Olsen Twins has signed herself into a facility for treatment for an eating disorder.

What I understand about the ailment is little. Experts say it's not about being thin, yet every one seems to become anorexic trying to get or maintain thin. Experts say it's about control. Well, Mary Kate and Ashley have a lot of control or so I've heard.

My feeling is the disease is about escape.

There's probably a lot of pressure on the Olsen Twins to keep succeeding and moving forward. The only way out really, without people barking at you is to get very sick. That's the only excuse some people will accept for not being busy all the time. These girls have been busy since they were 9 months old. I hope that Mary Kate is checked into a good facility, that she's getting rest and taking it easy and giving herself a break.

You don't have to be on the move all the time to be succeeding. It's okay to rest. Unless you know you're checking out tomorrow, you've got years to get done what you're trying to get done. My advice to the Olsen Twins is to check out for a while. Enroll in college, go to classes, hang out with your friends. But stop working on your careers and work on protecting your sanity. This may sound condescending but I'm proud of Mary Kate for taking the time to take care of herself.

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