June 18, 2004

They're At It Again

The Anonymous Blogger and Anonymous Bloggette are at it again.

Anonymous Bloggette, yesterday, made the point that if women have it so much easier than men when it comes to dating there wouldn't be so many reality based TV shows where 50 women are competing for one man, that the show Average Joe and Average Joe 2 would never feature an Average Jane. Anonymous Blogger, today, makes the point that TV Producers are mostly male and suggested that programming is sex related for the benefit of making money. He challenges women to produce their own reality shows. He said that a program like the Swan is awful because it emphasizes outer beauty.
I thought it was great!! It was honest. Ugly or average looking women do not fare as well in American Society as their better than average and great looking sisters. The Swan offered people a chance to succeed in a society where looks matter.

Well, T.A.Blogger may not be aware of this, but I think he helped the Bloggette make some kind of point, but on an even bigger scale than either of them realize. Men just have it easier in this world. Period.

Granted nothing is easy and 99% of us work hard for what we have as a whole but men still have it easier.

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