June 10, 2004

Stem Cell Research

I find it interesting that the Reagans were unable to succeed in getting the Federal Government to relax regulations on stem cell research, firmly supported by Laura Bush, considering the amount of AIDS research not done during the Reagan's reign. Perhaps, if they had encouraged and funded AIDS research and education programs during their time in office, a cure for Alzheimers could have been found as a side effect.

I don't wish illness on anyone. My heart goes out to the the Reagan family. I may not have liked Mr. Reagan as a politician but I didn't know him as a private person. He was probably a lovely man. Look at the turnout for his various wakes and the outpouring of sympathy for Mrs. Reagan.

It's sad that so late in the 20th century and early into the 21st, people are still suffering from diseases that have afflicted humans for as long as medical professionals have been keeping records. Restrictions on stem cell research are so strong. With the politics of the Right to Life movement standing in they way who knows if American scientists will ever be able to follow their research to its end.

Why must people suffer when cures are so close? There are several people in my life afflicted with ailments whose cure could potentially be found in the petry dish where the work will be done.

That's where politics come in.

That's why I dislike so many politicians.

That's why it's so interesting that stem cell research toward finding a cure for Alzheimers was not available to the man who put the kibash on AIDS research during his run as President.

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