June 04, 2004

The Pope Sees Bush

You know it's bad when the Pope asks to see you about America's foreign policy in a nation America is currently occupying under your command.

Pope John Paul II reminded President Bush on Friday of the Vatican's opposition to the war in Iraq and said the world has been troubled by recent "deplorable events," an apparent reference to the abuse of Iraqi prisoners by U.S. troops

I'm assuming that the Pope invited President Bush to see what he could to end the war.

As you know, I continue to have mixed feelings about the Iraq situation. Let's say, that the popular anti-war theory is correct and that this war is being conducted for the sole purpose of regulating the oil industry. Is that really so bad? The whole world depends on these lunatic OPEC nations for their fuel supplies. Shouldn't somebody be watching their shit? Part of me also believes that almost every country in that part of the world is out to rid the region of the Jewish scourge by slowly chipping away at Israel. So, if there is a strong military presence stationed there doesn't that kind of help Israel in a way, as a sort of a positive secondary effect?

But then, there is that whole AMERICA is the watchdog of the world kind of vanity that seems to be wholly on display. There is something kind of despicable about taking over a country because you want to control it's resources. And then what happens when we leave. Everything is probably going to get worse.

By the way, if anyone actually believes this war is about liberating the Iraqi people you are truly dillusional.

I can't wait to hear what you have to say.

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