June 01, 2004

Unsolicited Dating Advice

I read some good news on the website of a friend of mine. After a wave of bad luck with the opposite sex, it seems that things are starting to go his way.

In our little community, we've been kicking around some dating philosophiese that we all think will help all of us in the long run.

But I thought I'd add a few more things here.

1) Be positive. It's okay to be sad or talk about bad things that have happened to you in a day. But don't dwell on anything negative for too long. Talk about what made you sad and then move on.

2)Return phone calls in a timely fashion. If you wait too long to call her, she'll think you're blowing her off. If you haven't heard from your girl in a while, don't get all male on her and decide that calling her is a sign of weakness. Just call and see what's up. And don't call with an accusatory voice and say "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?" Just call to say hi and see how's she's doing.

3) Respect the space issue. If you are feeling crowded say so. For example, "I was hoping to do something on my own tonight, but I WOULD LOVE to hang out tomorrow."

or if she needs to do something without you one night, you can say, "Okay. I'll miss you tonight but perhaps we can get together later this week."

4) If you see something that you think she'll like, pick it up for her. You know you think about her and there' no harm in letting her know.

I have more advice, but this could be considered condescending so I'll stop.

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