June 04, 2004


Today is Friday, Friday, Friday.
It will be fun day, fun day
All day long

So. Today is Friday - long awaited and finally here.

That means that tomorrow is Saturday and most of us can sleep late.

Tonight, after work here is what I would like to do.

1. Cook meatloaf (with a hard boiled egg in the middle of course) with homemade tomato sauce. I'll also be preparing a salad with a blackberry vinaigrette made famous by last Sunday's dinner chez Val.

2. Clean my home. After four days of work and ordering takeout, my house is a disaster; clothes every where, take out bags and containers every where, dirt every where.

3. Write trivia questions. This coming Tuesday night, Jon and I are hosting Tuesday Night Trivia at the Baggott Inn. I'm looking forward to this. As most of you should know by now, Jon and I met through trivia.

4. Relax and admire my French manicure/pedicure. Last night, I closed out Eve's nails. While my nails were drying the ladies were sweeping up and closing down. I was the last customer to leave last night but it was well worth it. The poor woman who worked on my feet sank in despair as I explained to her that I wanted a French pedicure. She was so sweet. I could tell she was tired and the last thing she wanted to do at the end of the day was yet another designer foot job. She was doing great up until the white line. She started to mess up and had to redo a couple of toes. She passed me off to another woman who did a much better job and finished off by doing a great job on my nails. That was a real moral booster.

At some point tonight, I'm also supposed to write notes on my friend Dave's book. Poor guy. He gave his book to me over a month ago to read over and I haven't even finished it yet. We're getting together tomorrow to discuss and probably watch movies all day. He's my "movies all day on DVD" friend.

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