June 25, 2004

Elevator to the Stars


25,475th floor
The Ronald Reagan Space Station

At first when I saw the headline for this article at The Drudge Report, I thought for sure it was an article about scientist Bradley C. Edwards having gone mad. But then I started reading the article and learned there are those that believe a space elevator could be ready and operating in 15 years to the tune of $10 billion. Still, I couldn't believe what I was reading was true. How could a space elevator even be remotely possible? Perhaps the Drudge Report was posting satirical articles like those written on the pages of the The Onion.

So then I linked to one of the supporting links listed at the bottom of the article. This link is for the Third International Conference for the Space Elevator. If you go here, you can see notes from the conference and different articles on the different technologies that would make a space elevator possible.

It's true. It is possible to build a space elevator. Even if you don't believe it can be done in 15 years, I should be able to see it's launch before I die.

That's amazing.

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