June 17, 2004

The Baked Apple

Hot and humid; that's our forecast for today. I walked out of my stifling Queens apartment with the hopes of feeling a cool breeze as my feet hit the sidewalk.

Nope. It was just as hot and stifling outside as it was inside.

I chose to open my windows today to air out my apartment. I've been running the A/C for a couple of days and the air is getting a little stale. Truth be told, if it weren't for the humidity, I wouldn't ever run the AC. Fresh air is preferred.

So, as a result, it was hot while I was getting ready for work. I ran the AC until about 4 this morning. It's just too loud and drives me a little nuts. I can't sleep the night through while it's roaring cold air into my small space.

My apartment is a studio with four windows facing the same direction. I get no cross ventilation so it gets hot pretty fast in there when the weather warms up. Some might even compare being inside my studio in the summer to being cooked alive.

Anyway, it's a hot and humid day in the Big Apple.

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