June 28, 2004

Weekend Bullets

Friday Night
Cleaned up
Went to bed early for a Friday night

Saturday Day
Got up early
Watched In America
Had breakfast at Keystone
Foodshopping at Key Food
Picked up laundry
Made famous butterscotch fudge

Saturday night
Wrapped fudge
Gave some fudge to neighbor
Rode subway to meet Jon in city
Saw Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Rode subway to deep Queens
Visited brother and saw most incredibly wonderful and cute baby in the whole world (my nephew)
Rode subway back into city
Got out 57th & 6th
Walked up West Side of Central Park to 100th Street

Sunday night
Rode subway back to Queens
Took shower
Went to neighbor to watch Six Feet Under
Ate pizza
Had fun
Went home
Posted cute picture of Jon and me
Got sleep

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