June 18, 2004

American Hostage Beheaded in Saudi Arabia

Those Al Qaeda bastards beheaded Paul Johnson.

Here is Paul Johnson's yearbook photo.

I'm going to leave this one to the professionals to discuss.

Here is the latest.
Saudis Say Qaeda Chief Killed After U.S. Man Beheaded
Saudi authorities said on Saturday they had killed al Qaeda leader Abdulaziz al-Muqrin and three other prominent militants after they beheaded U.S. hostage Paul Johnson.

Saudi Arabia confirms death of al-Qaida leaderRIYADH, June 19 (Xinhuanet) -- The Interior Ministry of Saudi Arabia said Saturday that the leader of the al-Qaida terror network in the kingdom, Abdulaziz al-Muqrin, had been killed. The ministry published photos on state television to support its claim.

U.S. hostage beheaded; leader dead
An Islamic extremist group in Saudi Arabia Friday beheaded Paul Johnson, the American electronics engineer whom they had kidnapped six days before. Within hours, Saudi Arabia announced that its forces had killed three of the extremists, including their leader, in a gun battle. The group, called al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula, posted gory photos of Johnson's body on the Internet after the expiration of its ultimatum that the Saudi government free al-Qaida prisoners it holds.

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