June 29, 2004

Light and Fluffy

After yesterday's Farenheit post, I thought I would post something a little lighter and fluffier.

Did I ever tell you guys about my little three year old imagination,the little tricks it used to play on me and how it helped me to rationalize the big, bad world around me?

I'll limit this post to how it used to help cope with things that were too complicated for me to understand.

For example, when I was about three years old and starting to learn how to communicate, I used to get excited by adults who were so thrilled to see me because they hadn't seen me in a while.

They would always start with, "You've gotten so big. Did you grow overnight?"

I used to hear that so much, I imagined growing happened overnight with the help of elves. While I was sleeping, the elves would open my head, pull out my skeleton, and replace it with a new, longer skeleton. I never remembered anything when I woke up from this experience but had a good idea that these little people were conspiring against children remaining small.

With regard to my growing empathy to those around me, I used to believe that all of my dolls were alive and had feelings. It was important that none of them fell off the bed when I was sleeping otherwise their feelings would get hurt and they would get angry.

With regard to what I consider an early appearance of insomnia, when I was trying to fall asleep at night, sometimes I imagined my wall disappearing altogether as it was replaced by a huge mural of imagined landscapes with a cast of cowboys and astronaut supplying the action.

Do you remember your earliest thoughts about the world and how it worked?

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