August 02, 2004


Today is Monday, Monday . . . .

Hey, wait a second. . . .Today is Monday and I have Monday off!!!!

Yay!!!! Wahoo!!! Yippeeee!!!!!

The move went well. All of Jon's stuff is in. It's officially official. We picked up a couple of great pieces from my parents on the Island and they followed us back to the city to help us unload. My friend and neighbor helped with a particularly large piece of furniture, "in the speed of light, he arrives just in time."

We were pretty wiped out last night. We were also pretty out of touch. We didn't find out until dinner time that the terror alert was not only on orange but underlined as well. I guess that really does justify the defense budget afterall. Sometimes I think the terror alerts were designed to convince people why we need to spend money on the military. I also thing the timing of the underlined orange alert is conveniently juxtaposed agaisnt the backdrop of the Republican Convention, but that's just me. I could be over thinking things.

I'm going to go to the post office now and pick up the baby mug mugs.

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