August 11, 2004

Blog Round Up

The Anonymous Blogger is pandering for comments. That's sad.

The Anonymous Blogette pleads with her coupled up friends to be on the lookout for single friends that would be good romantic matchups.

Wes has been watching the New Cutey Honey which I'm guessing is Japanimation.

Candy Blue Kite expresses herself and well.

Caren woke up, got dressed and linked to some information about a hurricane/tropical storm.

Dawn is back from her vacation.

Evil Twin Theory is teasing us with his first few short entries in over a month.

George Takei presents his essay "Seattle: The Crucible of Imagination".

Human Oddities' Amanda has been on a roll. She's been writing a lot. Her observations continue to entertain us.

Phil sums up last evening's activities and gets a little political.

Sarah continues to be cute.

Vidiot continues to post good links.

Violently Executed Blog's Adam and his wife celebrate the one year birthday of their son and are paying attention to the terror alerts.

Wendy is coming to New York City over Labor Day Weekend!!! Hoorah!!!

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