August 23, 2004

As if you care . . .

I'll tell you about my weekend. I'll pretend that you care. (sniff) I'll tell you about it. Gosh! Alright. Geez!!! Stop pushing me. Fine. . . twist my arm.

Friday night, I wanted to go to the Russian Turkish baths for a steam and a quick massage but I got held over at work and it killed the mood. I was held over for no reason. The rushed document I worked on was a red herring. The guy who actually needed it today (as opposed to the guy who wanted it done on Friday) said there was no reason for me to have stayed late. Anyway, I got home at 7:30. Kill Bill Vol. 2 had just arrived at our doorstep two days previous, so I watched it and made it an early night.

Saturday morning, for no apparent reason, I woke up at 6 am. What does one do at 6 'o'clock on a Saturday morning you might be asking? Probably, you have never seen that side of noon yourselves because you have the ability to sleep late. How I envy you. In answer to the question I asked for you, I went online and visited sites I've been meaning to visit. For weeks, Jon has been telling me about these 30 second animated shorts of bunnies re-enacting famous films. Finally, I was able to visit and watch these shorts. Very funny. Highly recommended. My personal favorite was
Jaws, second The Shining . . .but they are all good. I think the artist has 5 posted. They don't that long to view, so you might as well check them out. Go ahead. . .my weekend story isn't going anywhere. Check it out.

About 10 am, Jon was up and wanted to see
Kill Bill, Vol 2 so I watched it with him. How could I watch that movie twice in such a short time? You have to ask? What is wrong with YOU? How could I not watch it? The movie is/was THAT GOOD!!!! After Jon left for work, I took a three hour nap and then headed out to Long Beach to my parents house. I slept through the most amazing thunderstorm but I slept. When was the last time YOU took a three hour nap during a rain storm on a Saturday? Exactly. It was perfect.

Once in Long Beach, I had a nice mom-cooked meal, after which I popped in Kill Bill Vol. 2 into my parents DVD player for my dad, so he could watch it too. No. I did not join him for a third viewing within 10 hours of a second viewing which came 12 hours after a first viewing on DVD of a movie I'd already seen in the theater on the big screen. My mom and I finished a NY Times crossword puzzle from two weeks ago. After which we picked up Jon at the train station. Jon, my mom and I played a three way Scrabble game, then the four of us (MOM and DAD, Jon and I) played PICTIONARY until 2 in the morning.

Why did Jon and I spend Saturday night with my parents? Because my parents live near the beach, which was our Sunday destination.

If any of you live in the tri-state area you understand how perfect yesterday was for the beach. By far, it was the best beach day I've seen in two years. We spent hours there, splitting our time between the swimming ocean and basking in the sun. The sky was the bluest blue without a cloud to be seen. The air temperature was perfect. The water was smooth and clean. The sun was strong. I lotioned up at least 5 times, however one of those times I forgot my ankles and insteps leaving me with a most unusual and painful sunburn.

We ended our weekend with a fine dinner at a local Italian restaurant that you really, really must try.
Amici Amore. Charming, quiet, romantic and delicious food. What more do I need to say?

Please rate this weekend on a scale of 1 to 10 where 1 means bloody awful and 10 means brilliant. You can rate it in the comments section.

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