August 04, 2004

Tuesday Night Trivia

Trivia was packed last night. Hats off to young Ms. Ackerman for doing a great job co-hosting for the first time. Her questions really excited the crowd and got people talking. Perhaps it's Ms. Ackerman's teaching background or perhaps she is just a skilled speaker . . .she provided solid back up to the main host Caren Lissner, who is back on stage after a few weeks away from hosting.

We were on the winning team , which I named "Paris is Bruising" per a recommendation by Phil that we make fun of Ms. Hilton somehow. Playing with me were Barry, Bob, Claire, Eric, Phil, and Robert the Republican. Claire and Phil were first time trivia players and I was very happy to have them with us on the team. They contributed throughout the game but ran the Top Ten list which helped put us over the top at the end.

In a personal best, this was the first team I've gathered that scored so unbelievably high. In the second round out of a possible 20 points we scored 19. I won't say why we missed the 20th question, but you can read about it here.

I also played against two other great bloggers, Candy Blue Kite and akachris both of whom I link to and both whom were worthy opponents.

I particularly enjoyed the audio round last night. Ms. Lissner provided 10 snippets from famous songs from American musicals and when answering we saw that she arranged them alphabetically. Definitely fun and my favorite audio round yet from the year or so I've been playing trivia.

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