August 03, 2004

Meanwhile Back at the Ranch . . .

Today is Tuesday and it's back to work time at the salt mines. Having the day off was priceless. Jon and I got a lot done and had a lot of fun doing it. Because of our work schedules the only full day off we have together is Sunday. Monday was a bonus, an extra, a treat and romantic.

I won't bore you with the seemingly mundane and together activities that occupied most of our time but I will tell you about two fun things we did.

We set up the home entertainment center and watched an episode of the Simpsons from the 4th season DVD. It was lady's choice and I chose the episode called "I Love Lisa" where Ralph Wiggums develops a crush on Lisa because she gives him a pity valentine with a picture of a train and the words "I Choo Choo Choose You". Aside from being a tremendously sweet episode, it introduces Ralph as Chief Wiggums son, gives us a President's Day pageant with the children of Springfield paying homage to our nation's mediocre Presidents in a song and dance number which is funny on "so many levels", it features some great details regarding Krusty and his show giving the writers an opportunity to satirzie Carson and the talk show format. . . .of course I can go on but then I'd be telling you how to enjoy the Simpsons instead of letting you enjoy it on your own.

We also saw Thunderbirds, the live action version directed by Jonathan Frakes. Too much cheese to write about in this post. I'll give you more later.

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