August 18, 2004

The Aftermath

Last night's trivia game was a whooping success!!! The bar was packed. People were loud and drinking a lot (which never looks bad for the people on the stage). There were 10 teams, 2 or which were huge.

This time, I have the answer sheets with me to help remember Funniest team name and funny answers.

Funniest Team Name: New Jersey Doesn't Suck, but It's Governor Does.
Winningest Team: McGreevey Gets Gold on the Pummel Horse.

Honerable mentions go to these other team names:
Flames of the Week: The Olympic Torch and McGreevey
We Didn't Know Whether to Take Julia Child Out of the Oven or McGreevey out of the Closet
The Frugal Gourmetn, Julia Child - Only One more to go for Dead Chef Tic-Tac-Toe

Eric and I ran the game without the Top 10 list or the Current Events round. We replaced those with two theme rounds. The first theme round was Eric's Games People Play round. People did very well on that round, each team had at least four correct answers. The second theme round was my Greek mythology round. People did very well on that too. Actually they might have done too well. One team answered all ten correctly and several had 8 or 9 out of ten. But it was still a fun round to compile.

Perhaps you would like to try it yourself. (Greek names only)

1. This son of Zeus was doomed to stand in water that always receded when he tried to drink it and under branches of fruit he could never reach. Who is this mythological figure who inspired a word meaning to tease by withholding?

2. What class of gods were overthrown by the Olympian gods? A metallic element is named for them.

3. Because this mythological figure's image appeared on the front of a certain type of reference book so often, the book itself came to be named for him. Who is he?

4. During the Trojan War, which of the gods aided Paris in killing Achilles by firing an arrow into his heel? (hint: he shares his name with one of Rocky?s opponents)

5. Who was doomed eternally to push a rock up a hill, only for it to roll back down again?

6. King Midas once rescued a Satyr, earning him the gratitude of a god who had valued the beast as his right-hand goat. In fact, this god was so pleased that he rewarded Midas with the golden touch. Who was this god?

7. Megaera, Tisiphone, and Alecto were the three daughters of Gaia created from the blood of Chronus when he was castrated. They were the spirits of Conscience, Punishment, and Retribution. What is the collective name for these three goddesses?

8. What nymph as punishment for running away from Pan was condemned to a life of muteness, only able to speak by repeating others?

9. The gods were always trying to get with humans and humans were always rejecting them. This leads us to this woman who was given the gift of prophecy by Apollo because he was trying to win her affections. When she rejected him, he let her keep her ability to foretell the future but cursed her by making it so no one would ever believe her predictions. Who was she?

10. Who was the Greek god of the sea, earthquakes and horses?

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