August 11, 2004

The Fun Continues

It is Wednesday and the work week trudges on. I have been assigned a mailing of 100 pieces. It is the oven mitt mailing. Don't ask. I already put together 100 boxes last week. Today, I was told to affix the specially designed lables, get this . . . are you ready? . . . nice and straight. That was literally part of the directions for getting this mailing done. I received these instructions by email where someone else was copied. It's a little humiliating. I'm looking forward to the job where I don't have to label or stuff anything.

On the fun side of life, last night I co-hosted trivia with the seasoned veteran Jonathan Bloomfield. There was a good turnout by the way of 10 teams, I'd say at least 70 people showed up. Granted the turnout wasn't as good as when Sarah and Caren hosted together but it was good none the less. Funniest team name. . . can't remember. Winning team . . .can't remember. I'm bad that way. But again, it was fun and I had a great time doing it. I'll be co-hosting again next week with Eric Kabakoff.

Tonight I'm treating myself by going to a turkish bath. I won't say where to protect my privacy but I'm going with a girlfriend and I imagine we are going to have a great time.

Well, back to the salt mines. I've got to go label 100 boxes, nice and straight.

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