July 31, 2004

The Progress Apartment

Jon and I moved my futon into the living room to make room for the furniture that is coming tomorrow. This was no easy task considering the size of the futon and the angles of our new space. But it is done. So what if we scraped some paint from the bedroom door frame. The paint shouldn't come off that easily anyway.

Tomorrow, we pick up our truck and the super move begins. We will be moving fastly and furious to make sure we meet our tight schedule. But tomorrow it will be done and we will be together in the same place. I feel so lucky that I met him and now that we are living together. . . I am very happy. I have off on Monday. A three day weekend. Wahoo!

By the end of it, a new chapter will have begun.

I will retire the Misanthrope and start a blog for the Rantings of a Shiny Happy Gen X'er.

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