July 12, 2004

Even Demons Need a Day of Rest

My inner demon took a break yesterday. I didn't experience any cravings. While I was bothered by the heat during my frisbee match in Central Park with Jon, I still wasn't bothered by an urge to smoke. Last night, while watching Shakespeare in the Park, I was a non-smoker, as if I had never smoked before, as if I never became addicted, as if I never started smoking, really smoking in college.

Where were the challenges this weekend? Well, the big challenge was on Saturday facing the day alone. To combat my strong craving, which seemed to pick up around 1:30 pm where it had left off from my incredible craving of the day before, I employed myself in the most inane activity. I surrounded myself with the other shoppers on Steinway Street and spent three hours walking up and down two blocks of stores, looking at things and stretching $20.00 as far as one can possibly stretch it.

The distraction worked. I was tired enough by the time I got home that I could nap, then get ready to go out and then face my next big challenge which was going to a party at a bar. Luckily for me, none of the attendees were smokers so there was no one to follow outside, there was no one to tempt me with their deliciously smoky smells and there was no way I was going to walk up a flight of stairs just to buy cigarettes.

Anyway, I made it through another weekend without smoking.

I rock!!!

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