July 16, 2004

The Waffle Shop

As I told you Saturday, July 3, was a miserably hot day in Washington DC and somehow, in spite of my near heat exhaustion, I managed to keep pace with Jon as we visited the beautiful memorials and statutary tributes all over the mall. I have collected some photographic information that I'm going to use in a future posting about the FDR memorial. But for right now, I want to tell you about the Waffle Shop. We started our Sunday eager for more of DC's sites so we headed over to the Ford Theater. Neither of us had been to this neighborhood before so we did not know where to go for breakfast. We were walking down 10th street, looking at our guide book when out of nowhere popped this guy named George with SAM. I'm not sure what SAM stands for but he works for the city giving tourists advice on how to get where. He told us that the Waffle Shop was just up ahead. So we were looking and looking for a diner. As silly as it sounds I was surprised to find that the restaurant was actually called the WAFFLE SHOP.
To make a short story long, we had a cool waitress and we enjoyed the food a whole lot.  There was  a greater story in there that I wanted to relate, but too much time has passed.  I've lost the immediacy of the feeling to write about our great waitress, the colorful patrons and the funny newspaper review hanging on the wall which describes the place as too modern for Mary Todd Lincoln who probably would have not liked the 1940's style counters.
Or to write about the record breaking torrential rain that fell that day, our experience at Ford Theater including my joke about the John Wilkes PHONE Booths, so named by me because they were designed to seem authentic to the rebuilt theater with wooden keys; including how our Park Ranger kept referring to the Civil War as WWII during her prepared statement about the Lincoln Assassination; and how we thoroughly enjoyed our trip to the National gallery where we saw the famous painting of A Woman Holding a Balance by Vermeer and an true to life
DaVinci painting.

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