July 25, 2004

Home made cake

It might not be every woman's dream to take cook for someone special but it is mine.  Let me start by telling you all that Jon and I live together now as of very recently.  We now a have  an apartment bigger than both of our old ones put together.   I now have a kitchen big enough to really do some cooking, which is what I've started doing this week.

Thursday night, I baked my first cake in my new oven.  I cleaned it and then baked in it.  It still needs a good proper, lye cleaning but the brillo pad-sponge cleaning will do for now.  The oven gets hot real fast and runs hotter than the gauge reads, so my cake batter cooked in 10 minutes instead of the recommended 30. No harm done;  it was still perfect.  You can't do much to mess up a Duncan Hines mix.  (Yeah.  I cheated, I know, but it was easy and delicious). I've been feeding that cake to Jon and various guests for several days. 

Yes. Guests.  That's another new development.  We now have room to entertain. Yesterday my brother and his family came over and hung out.  My nephew has now been in my new apartment. He is so CUTE!!!.  His cuteness is so severe it should be illegal.  And he's such a happy baby. Giggling and cooing and spitting and drooling and blowing raspberries, which I found out is a normal and important stage of development for a six-month-old.  Does anyone know why blowing raspberries is an important milestone in baby's development?  He did it for at least half an hour and was completely entertained by it -- much to our amusement.

Anyway, last night I fried chicken, which I haven't done in ages, for a very appreciative Jon.  I made corn on the cob, salad and fried chicken.  I fried it, then I baked it.  It never cooks enough when it's fried in oil for some reason.  If you cook it all the way through, the outside burns. I know that fried chicken is supposed to be a little pink, but I just don't like that.  Either way it was a great meal finished off by the remains of the cake.

Does anyone else enjoy cooking for someone else as much as I do? 
If so, please write in.

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