July 20, 2004


Does anyone else get incredibly clumsy before getting their periods or is just me?   It turns out that clumsiness is one of the listed symptoms of PMS on every website I checked.  The only reason I thought of it tonight is because last week, I ran into my neighbor Pia from upstairs who told me that she noticed how clumsy she'd become the last couple of days and observed that it always happens before her period. 

Tonight I opened the box for my new desk lamp and as I was taking it out of the styrofoam it slipped right out of my hands and broke into 8 or 9 unsalvagable pieces.  It was one of those cool lamps where you adjust the setting by touching it's base.  $20.00 in the trash can.  Oh well.  At least I didn't step on the glass.
Anyway, I realized that I am PMS'ing and that I've been a little clumsy lately.  I recall that it seems to happen every month around this time and now I too have made the connection.
So. . . ladies. . .does this happen to you too?

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