July 28, 2004

Tuesday Night Trivia - Recap

Last night, we came in second place (wahoo!).  Our team was named, Britney Spears is Changing her Name to Madonna.  When the hostess with the mostess, Caren Lissner, announced our team name, the crowd responded with silence.  I named our team for Britney Spears's upcoming Kaballah style wedding.  Nobody laughed.  I don't like to be in charge of naming the team, because often my jokes fall flat or they just suck.

On my team were a chemistry teacher, Sarah and Eric(k).

The co-host Michael "Prince Valiant" Lynch, brought a good game.  I found his audio round very challenging - identifying Rolling Stones songs covered by different artists and then identifying those artists.    I recognized Linda Ronstandt's voice on Tumbling Dice but for some reason went with Melissa Etheridge as a guess.  I recognized Tumbling Dice because it was a dance number from a Summer Show I planned to put on with the upstairs neighbor when I was 8 or 9 or 10 years old.  The dance routine we "choreographed" involved a lot of rolling around on the floor to coincide with the words "tumbling dice".  

The visual round - we had to identify the Joneses.  We got every one except Brian Jones, whose very old photo looked eerily similar to our co-host Michael Lynch. 

Funniest team name award went to I'd Give My Left Nut For Six Yellow T-Shirts.   They won Reese's Peanutbutter Cups.  Yummy.

But we did win $15 off our bar tab.  So, in your face, I'd Give my Left Nut!!!

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