July 29, 2004

Mid Week - blahs

Today is Thursday, Thursday, Thursday
It will be a fun day, fun day, all day long.

I've got over the hump and I'm in the home stretch.

This weekend Jon and I will be focusing on finalizing his move.  He's been moving his things in piece by piece but now we have to move the big pieces.  He's made a lot of progress in that he has already moved most of his books, only two small boxes of books remain. 

The move will be difficult but not for the typical reasons.  We are going to be a tight schedule.  We have procured a vehicle which we have to return by a certain hour.  In the time that we have it, we have to load up Jon's stuff, go to Long Beach to pick up some furniture from my parents, drive back to Queens, unload everything and then return the van.

So, if anyone is feeling particularly altruistic this weekend and would like to give us a hand, you can contact me at genxmisanthrope@aol.com.

I have spoken.


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