July 23, 2004

The Progress Apartment

I was told this post referenced sweat too much, so the censors have bleeped out any mention of sweat.

The super razes wood from the turgid bathroom door so it will close.  The manly *bleep* of *bleep* quickly fills the slowly cooling air of the slightly too warm apartment while the Beatles bleat out Revolver from the CD player in bombastic rhythms. 

I sit at this computer *bleep* while the super pulls out a power tool and starts making noises increasing in volume.  I wonder at this point, how much extra door is there.  The bathroom is a mess because the man, in all the years I've known him has never once brought a drop cloth with him to do work in either of my apartments. 

When he is done, I will be able to close my bathroom door.  I will have the privacy necessary to piss in my pot.
I discovered that if I pull down the bedroom window from the top and then all the other windows in my apartment  I can make a cross breeze.  The apartment has been quite warm the last week or so.  This rain today is a blessing, bringing much relief.  This morning the air felt heavy, like it was retaining water, like it was squeezing me out for more room.  It felt like the air was trying to get some air (from me) because I was having so much trouble breathing.  But the rain is fixing all that. 

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