December 29, 2005

Work Work Work

I'm a busy little bee, well not really. This week is slow at work like every other office I'm sure. If I were working retail, I'm sure I'd be running around like a maniac helping customers, folding sweaters and climbing up and down stairs to get that item from the storeroom. I am considering getting a retail job at a nice store somewhere in Manhattan - either Crate & Barrel or Williams-Sonoma.

As I focus more and more on the idea of taking care of a family, the lure of a part-time job is getting stronger and stronger. I so much enjoy keeping a house but it takes quite a bit of work to stay on top of things. Working full-time leaves only the evenings for taking care of business at home. And working out - forget about it. I just can't do everything and I really like working out. I don't know how some women do it. Well, I guess I do. They just do it or they have help.

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