December 05, 2005

Only 3 More Weekends Left in 2005

The weekend is over and it's time to go back to work. Although, I was considering calling in sick due to a sinus headache and the aches and pains that come from exercising. But what's the point, the city is doing some unnecessary and unspecified road repairs on our street so the apartment will be noisy all day anyway. Not too much relaxing you can do with jackhammers going off every 15 minutes.

So, instead I'm sitting at our desk, eating a light and delicious strawberry 8 oz., 120 calorie yogurt. If I'm lucky, I'll burn those calories within the next 5 hours but who knows. My body burns through calories like fire through water. Soon, I'll be soaking in a hot bath and donning clothes, initiating my weekly routine.

I worked out both Saturday and Sunday and while I am proud of myself, the old familiar aches and pains of working out have replaced the old aches and pains of atrophying muscles after a day of trying to hold up my head. I'm pretty stiff but it's that good kind of stiffness where you know exactly why you are stiff because you pushed yourself a little too hard at the gym.

It was a productive weekend. I put my kitchen through another revision - condensing, reorganizing, throwing away stuff we no longer need. I also reorganized our filing cabinet. It's amazing the things you find once you start looking. I found things I completely I forgot I had - like postcards I bought from the St. Joseph's Oratory on our trip to Montreal last year. I also found a charming certificate with a raised seal signed by the people who witnessed my birth.

We got back the pictures from the table cameras at our wedding. Amazingly, the same people keep showing up in every pack which leads me to believe only a few people realized there were cameras at the table.

I didn't mention that Jon met with our photographer last week and received the proofs for our wedding. Here is why I love our photographer. He printed every black and white photo he shot in his darkroom to provide us with proofs and they are all beautiful and we get to keep them. This is a great photographer and good person. My advice to anyone considering photographs for their wedding or any big event, is to practice some different smiles. I consistently have the same stiff smile in every photo - although if you saw the pictures you would probably just think I look happy.
Last night, before seeing our friend in a play called Ban Republican Marriage, we went for dumplings at Rickshaw, a great little dumpling place on 23rd St. between Bway and 6th. It's wonderful. Here you can see Jon enjoying one of nine shrimp dumplings which he ordered with Peanut Sate soup. At this restaurant they have a choice of 6 varieties of dumpling (in quantities of six or nine) which you can order with a choice of 6 salads OR 6 soups. So, I had six chicken/basil dumplings in the peanut sate soup and Jon had the shrimp.

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