December 21, 2005

People Walking

I'm biting the bullet and walking into work today. I stayed home yesterday. I wanted to see how the city's contingency plan worked out before giving it a go. There weren't any reports of people getting hurt walking through crappy neighborhoods so, I figure it safe enough. This morning I'm walking with two escorts - my husband and my neighbor.

All day I watched and listened to stories about how long it took people to get to work - the people who walked did it in less time. The people who tried to get rides with others in cars, vans or busses took up to 4 hours. I know from experience that Jon and I have walked to my work neighborhood in two hours and sometimes less depending on how quicly we're hoofing it.

We're lucky we live so close. If I lived further out in Queens there is no way I would walk to work. The way it stands now, it's about a three mile walk. That's far but it is doable.

Good luck to all of my fellow New Yorkers fighting to get their way to work. If it's real bad for you take the day off. Your boss will understand. He may not pay you, but he will understand.

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