December 16, 2005

What?!? No Transit Strike?!?!?

The Transit Workers Union (TWU), representing employees of the MTA in NYC has called their strike against two private bus lines, while negotiations continue for goodness knows only what. I'm baffled that anyone with a decent paying job that offers a pension and benefits would go on strike. I've been working for four years without insurance and I'm working full-time and in decent offices. I'm not going on strike. I haven't even had the option of paying into an insurance plan, which is one of the items being discussed at these contract negotations for the MTA. I was a city employee for a short time. The city takes care of its people. As a teacher I had a choice of at least 10 different plans with all different kinds of formulations. . .and people complained about that. Even if you have to pay into a plan like that, it's still worth it - especially if you can get regular checkups, tests, dental and as in the case of the teacher's insurance plan a free pair of eye glasses every year.

You would think we lived in a country where everybody is entitled to insurance. Well. We don't and we aren't. Small business owners DO NOT have to provide insurance for their employees which is why these cheap guys I've been working for of late have been able to get away with not providing benefits. And forget about raises. By a show of hands, how many of you out there get raises every year or every other year or even every five years? That's right. Not that many because you either don't have a job, work part-time or work for cheap people like me but do you quit? No. Because you need the job - because as much as the news reports that the economy is doing much better, it's still impossibly difficult to get a decent job.

Anyway, I am a little disappointed they didn't go on strike because I didn't want to go into work today.

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