December 14, 2005


Just call me sniffles this morning. My nose is running - both backwards and forwards.
I use Mozzilla Firefox as my browser and one of the cool little programs you can add to it is an Accuweather program that shows you the forecast for today and the following two. Little symbols tell you what you can expect. For example , tomorrow is going to be freezing cold so the symbol is a little thermometer with ice on it. Very cute. You click thru those symbols to get to the Accuweather site but if you roll your mouse over them, you get a mini-forecast.

I also have another weather bug from the Weather Channel (called Desktop Weather) that sits in the tool bar on my desktop, that just flashes the temperature for my locale. And it's flashing 15 degrees. Isn't that special?

How am I supposed to leave the comfort of my warm bed and go to the gym in 15 degree weather? That's why I didn't go this morning - well . . . that and I was sleeping.

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