December 08, 2005

Thor's Day

I've survived the week thus far, in spite of my stomach flu which never fully made its presence felt. See? I told you. My body DOES NOT want to lose weight. It won't even capitalize on an opportunity like stomach flu to shed a few pounds. And on top of that it took advantage of my illness and kept me from going to the gym. But I'll go now that I'm feeling better. Just because the wedding is over doesn't mean I can stop working out because I still have weight to lose.

Now if you know me, you might be thinking I look fine or you might agree I need to lose weight. I guess it depends on your perspective. But I really do need to lose weight because Jon and I would like to have children and it's healthier to go into a pregnancy thinner than heavier. Inevitably pregnant women gain weight. I had this fantasy that the baby could just live off my fat reserves and I could lose weight during a pregnancy but it doesn't work that way. I would ultimately like to lose 50 pounds before a pregnancy but if I got pregnant before that so be it.

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