December 21, 2005

59th St. Bridge - After Dark

The cold walk home in the dark was very difficult. I thought it would have been the same as this morning but it wasn't. It was more crowded, colder and felt longer. My good friend Dave met me at my office at 5pm and we headed out. By the time we got to bridge my legs were starting to stiffen up. As we were descending the Queens side the arch in my left foot started cramping painfully. Wouldn't you know it? There at the base of the bridge on Northern Blvd. was a Red Cross van handing out coffee and hot chocolate to the cold and weary pedestrians. It warmed my heart but unfortunately not my body which was stiffening from the feet up.

When I walked into the front door at 7:15 I was achy everywhere. I sat down on the bed and slowly reached for my toes to release my locked up lower back. A few minutes later I hobbled over to the tub and ran myself a hot bath. Before the tub was even full, I was in there soaking. Slowly, my muscles warmed and everything loosened up. The only casualties remaining are my feet which are pretty achy. I'm not sure what fallen arches feel like or what that expression means but I think my arches may have fallen. Because every step I take is painful.

I won't be walking in again tomorrow. As a matter of fact, I worked it out with my boss that I work from home. I packed a few projects in my bag pack before I left with Dave. If the weather were warmer I really think I could do it but this cold weather makes it too difficult.

I really, really thought I could pull it off without too much trouble.

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