December 21, 2005

It's Cold Out There

Well. I did it. I walked to work. It wasn't surprising to see so many people, after all what else are they going to do? I was surprised to see so few cars in town. The city is locked down pretty tight to traffic. Fifth Avenue was barren, Madison practically empty. Second Avenue was the only place I saw any real traffic - coming off the Queensboro bridge.

So here's how it went.

At 8:30 my Vidiot knocked on our door and we all ventured out together into the freezing cold. And it was freezing cold. We walked straight down quiet 29th Street all the way to Northern Blvd. where we hung a right for the bridge. That's where all the people were. Walking together into the city like a great big community of walkers. Except nobody was talking to each other outside of their own little group, so it really wasn't so much a community as it was a bunch of people walking across a bridge at the same time.

Thanks to Vidiot we have this great picture of us before we starting walking over the bridge. Sadly, I didn't get any good pictures of Vidiot.

We were up and over the bridge by 9:40 when we decided to stop for a moment at the RED CROSS van that was set up on the Manhattan side of the 59th Street bridge, to give commuters TLC by way of coffee and hot chocoloate. I guess it was around 9:50 when we parted ways with Vidiot at Park and 60th.

Jon and I continued down Park until Grand Central where we cut through the Met Life building for warmth. At 42nd Street we walked west to Madison which was completely abandoned. Madison Avenue has been designated for use by Emergency vehicles. I left Jon at a coffee shop on 37th and Madison and continued alone on to 25th and Broadway, my final destination.

I arrived at work around 10:30 or so. I was sweating in some areas while other parts of my body were freezing cold. My thighs are still warming up. Tonight I'll walk home with a friend who is meeting me at my office later on today. It should take us two hours or so.

But I'd rather do that than have the city give in to the ridiculous demands of the TWU.

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