December 20, 2005

How Toussaint Stole Christmas

The idea that the NY City transit workers are on strike is offensive. If the people who worked in the token boths were friendly; if the trains ran on time; if the conductors could give good explanations for why stuck trains are delayed; if the N or W train ever came before during or even after 4 R's and 2 Q trains before finally stopping so I can take it home to Queens - then I might even the least bit sympathetic. But I'm not.

But I'm sure New Yorkers will prevail in spite of the inconvenience. And I'm sure Times Square will be just as crowded as if the trains were still running. It'll be just like the scene in How the Grinch Stole Christmas where the Grinch is looking down on Whoville after stealing presents from all the Whos and he sees them holding hands and singing. But instead it will be Toussaint watching the happy bustling crowd on a rec room TV in the prison where he'll be spending Christmas.

New York City - Bahoo Bahoo. Well you get the idea.

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