December 02, 2005

Today is Friday

Today is Friday, Friday, Friday.
It will be a fun day, fun day
All day long.
My body is literally aching to go back to the gym. I've got familiar old aches and pains in my back and neck which plagued me for years until I started working out seriously. I checked my measurements last night and for the most part they are a smidge smaller than before my wedding but still, I would hate to gain back wait or lose some muscle tone which I'm probably doing as we speak - my muscles are most likely losing their ongoing battle with time and gravity.

Instead of going to the gym last night, I cooked up a storm. Because of my schedule I have to choose between activities I enjoy because I can't do everything. If I go to the gym after work, I don't cook hot meals. It's just too much for me. Anyway, I cooked something wonderful.

I used my new food processer to turn a pineapple into mush. I threw that mush into some well sauteed onions and after cooking the onions and pineapple together for 10 minutes or so, I threw in some chicken thighs that had been boiled in a stock pot to remove some of the fat. That worked out really well. I then cooked some macaroni in the light broth and after cooking the macaroni, threw some barley soup mix into the stock pot - which I haven't yet taste, so I can't speak to the results of that concoction.

The chicken turned out great.

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