December 22, 2005

The MTA Strike Is Over . . .

. . . and trains and buses should be up and running for tomorrow morning's commute. I'm glad that the situation was settled and that we don't have to walk these long distances any longer. Things will go back to normal or will they? How am I going to feel when I see transit workers tomorrow? I'm always going to resent the TWU Local 100 and the employees they represent for inconveniencing the city this way.

There never should have been a strike. When a child throws a temper tantrum, the usual advice is to ignore the child as long as he/she isn't hurting himself or anybody else around him/her. Eventually the child will calm down.

What happens when grownsups throw tantrums in the form of a strike? Do you give in or do you let the tantrum play itself out?

I resent the TWU and I always will.

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