October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween!!

We are home.

I'll be posting pictures slowly with little anecdotes from our trip.

Mayfair Hotel So. Let's get started.

We arrived in Kingston on October 18th during a torrential down pour. We were informed while on line for immigration that our Yoga retreat was inaccessible due to land slides but they had made alternate arrangements for us at the Mayfair Hotel. We got a cab and drove over the broken down and partially flooded road to get to downtown Kingston. When we got to the front desk, no one at the Mayfair knew anything about our arrangements but after about an hour or so, we worked everything out and we were shown to our room. This was probably the lowest point of our trip because when we walked into the dimly lit and dank little room my heart sank. The room was run down.

There were two beds that we eventually pushed together.

There were stains on the floor and the air conditioner looked to be about 30 years old.
Stained Floor MayfairAC Mayfair

There was an amazing view beyond the hotel pool which made the room seem a little bit nicer. We got our first real glimpse of the lush Jamaican vegetation from here.
Mayfair Pool

Jon's spirits were a little higher than mine so he went out for a walk, to check out the immediate area. He took this amazing shot of Devon House which was built by the first ever black tycoon in Jamaica. And according to people who live in the area has the best ice cream on the island. You can get an idea of just how bad the weather was from this shot.
Devon House

On his walk he photographed some GREAT signs and captured a glimpse of how truly bad the roads are in Jamaica.
Coconut Board
Coconut Ad
Kingston Road

That night, we didn't really have anything to do, so we went downstairs to the almost pitch black hotel bar and had a couple of drinks.

Valerie BlackwellJon Blackwell
You can see how utterly thrilled I am to be caught in the storm. Jon as usual fared better than me - he is generally a happy person. My husband changed our travel arrangements and we headed over to our first resort two days earlier than originally planned.

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