October 02, 2005

Details, Details

My wedding is dress is ready. I went for my final fitting yesterday and all is good, except the bustle which looked like it was coming out of my butt when arranged. So they're going to redo that for me. My mother is picking it up and all that remains is wearing it on the day of.

My mother's dress is NOT ready on the other hand. The seamstress at the store where we found her dress is some kind of compulsive liar. When my mother put on her "altered" dress, fabric bunched up in both the front and the back. In the picture (taken at her first fitting) you can see how nice the dress looks on her and that it just needed slight alterations to make sure it wasn't too loose in the torso. The seamstress was supposed to have taken an inch out of the torso for my mom by releasing the waist and cutting from there. But the section she showed us clearly came from the bottom of the dress. Additionally, the seamstress (seen sitting on the step looking bored out of her mind)was supposed to hike up the dress in the torso and tighten it up which SHE clearly DID NOT DO. This woman must think we are stupid or something. She blamed it on the dress claiming that she didn't make the dress. Sadly, though, she is making the dress worse. The dress looked better before the crappy alterations this woman is making. My mom does have another dress on reserve so that's good. But still, it's not like these dresses and alterations are cheap.

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