October 01, 2005

A Museum Find

Here is another great find from the Victoria and Albert museum. It's the marker for a young woman's grave. Her name was Anna Cecilia. I found it beautiful and compelling and dramatic and touching.

It reads:

Erected by a sister in memory of her beloved Anna Ceclia,
Daugther of Christopher Rhodes Esq. of Chatham in the County of Kent. She departed this Life, June 2, 1796, aged 32. Her Remains were deposited in the 42: Vault of this Chapel. Distinguished by a fine Understanding, and a most Amiable Disposition of the Heart, she was the Delight of her Parents, and the Admiration of all who knew her. At the age of 17, the Small-pox stripped off the Bloom of youthful Beauty. And being followed by a dreadful Nervous disrder withered those fair prospects of earthly Happiness. Which were expected from her uncommon Affection, Sensibility and Tenderness.

After enduring this afflictive dispensation for many years,
When it was difficult to say which exceeded her, her Suffering or her Submission;
Her Friends' Concern for her Sorrows, or their Admiration of her Patience;
She was released by Death, and received into that World where there shall be no more Pain,
But God Himself shall wipe away Tears from Every Eye


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